Tag, I’m It!

One of my long lost girlfriends tagged me, and since you know I can’t resist….

4 Places I visit frequently….
1) Target 2) Netflix.com 3) Shana the Beautiful’s 4) Facebook

4 People who Call/Text/Email me frequently…..  (I have to change this to people I do this to since nobody does it to me!)
1) Shana 2) Ana 3) My Sister 4) My Mom

4 Favorite Foods….
1) Everything 2) Under 3) The 4) Sun

4 Places I’d Rather Be……
1) The beach 2) Lake Yosemite w/Ana Banana 3) Visiting my family 4) My “new” house

4 Movies I’d Watch Over and Over…..
1) Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly 2) Mamma Mia! 3) Nacho Libre 4) Notting Hill

4 Bands/Groups I like to listen to…..
1) Bon Jovi 2) The Fratellis 3) Billy Joel 4) ABBA

4 People I am tagging….
1) Shana the Beautiful 2) Heather 3)  Alison 4) Melanie

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