I’ve Got The Whine, You Bring The Cheese (Or… IS IT SCHOOL YET?!?!)

Remember all those times before when I said I’d died and gone to Hell?

I was wrong.

NOW I’ve died and gone to hell.

It looks much like my half-packed up apartment.  With me and three over-active boys in it.  And a too-hot temp. outside.  And no car, because Honey’s training on the new math curriculum.  And no money anyway, because have you looked at the price of gas lately?

The house?  The one Honey bought me for our anniversary this year?  Still not a sure thing.  Because some jerk over at the bank hasn’t even assigned our folder to somebody yet.  And then that somebody will have anywhere between 200-600 files on their desk.  Which means, even though it’s been 4 weeks since we made our offer, we still have to wait.

Did I mention we’re trapped inside a half-packed, 1000 sq. ft. apartment?

2 thoughts on “I’ve Got The Whine, You Bring The Cheese (Or… IS IT SCHOOL YET?!?!)

  1. Please Whine. I would too if I were in your position. I wish we lived closer and I would lend you a car. We have had an extra one sitting in our driveway for a year. We really need to get rid of it.

  2. Not to “one up” you, ahem, but we reared five kids in a 1250sf house. Having 3 boys share a 8×10 bedroom during their teens was only beat out by having two teen aged girls doing the same plus having to share “their” bathroom with the boys and anyone who came by the house.

    Good luck on that move. I seriously understand your predicament.

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