I Love Tags!

I always think the tags are fun ways to learn about people that we blogstalk.

How to play this game.
Post these rules on your blog;
List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself.
Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names….

1. I love my iPod.  I know that’s shallow, but to have music anywhere, anytime?  It completes me.
2. I have recently begun to make changes in my life that have allowed me to feel like I’m not going to Hell after all.  This feels pretty good.
3. Being surrounded by people who have an enthusiasm and lust for life.

1. Not being true to myself.
2. Losing my husband or children.
3. Misery.

1. To not suck at school.
2. To not suck at being a mom.
3. To not suck at being a wife.

1. The Cool Girls and I saw “Mamma Mia!” yesterday afternoon.  Now, I’m obsessed with the soundtrack.
2. Experiences.  I collect experiences.  You know how people always ask you what you want for your birthday, or Christmas, or what you’d do if you won the lottery?  I wouldn’t necessarily buy stuff, but I would enjoy all the experiences I could have traveling and even just doing stuff at home with my friends and family.
3. Sea Turtles.  I love them.  I have a smallish collection, and I’d like to keep it that way.  When something gets too big to enjoy, it makes me sad.

1. You know that game “Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon”?  I am 2 degrees from quite a few actors.
2. I am a textbook Gemini.  Split personalities all the way, baby!
3. Contrary to popular belief, I am not outgoing.  I’m actually very shy.  I just happen to be loud.  And my wall-builders are quite lazy.  Some of my walls are rock-solid, but most you could turn to dust just by blowing on them.
Now I am tagging Ana, Rachel, Emily, Mom, and Liz.  Go forth and repeat!

5 thoughts on “I Love Tags!

  1. Okay, pooper. I’ve tagged you back, I think. At least, I’ve put my answers on my blog. You’ll have to explain how all this works to me in one of our late night phone sessions.

  2. I’m SO glad to have contributed to your experience collection!!! We had a bunch of good ones! St. George/Vegas, Taco Bell, Sledding in that park by your house in Sandy and picking on those boys… I should go on, but I won’t. And it’s true- you are 2 degrees from lots of actors. I can vouch for you.

  3. I see where I am in your life…I wasn’t tagged at all! So, I just copied it and put it on my own blog….I see how you are!

  4. You are not going to hell! No car…how do you survive? We are all going to have to start riding bikes any minute now.

  5. I love your comment on collecting experiences. What a novel idea. I think that I am going to add that to my list of things to do. I guess I kind of do that by blogging. I am a terrible journal writer and I don’t scrapbook. I know. I make a terrible memeber but, that is who I am. So, the blogging makes up for my lacking I guess.

    Any who… I love your outlook on life. I love that you are a real person. I love real people. I find them kindred spirits. I am trying to become more real every day.

    P.S. I tagged you. Read my blog. It wasn’t even planned. I read this blog after I tagged you. HAH!

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