Scenes From “That’s Not Right!”

There are 20 days left until the little monsters return to school.  What’s not right about that is it seems to have been that way for about a month now.

There are people out there doing covers of songs that just should not be covered.  Like Jessica Simpson singing “Sweet Child O’ Mine”?  NOT RIGHT.

Honey has some training workshop this week.  He gets paid for it (right), but has to be there at 7:30 a.m., which leaves me car-less for the day (NOT RIGHT!).  What person in their right mind gets up before 9:00 a.m. during the summer?  Oh yeah, my kids do.

It’s July and it’s in the high 80’s, low to mid 90’s.  There’s nothing not right about that, except that it feels like 63′ and is really irritating when you’d like to be drowning swimming with your kids instead of cooped up in the house.  Whoever brought up that global warming crap is smoking something.
The bank has had our offer for exactly 21 days now.  I know they’re busy, but it’s quite obvious that they didn’t get the memo about the world revolving around me and I have exceeded my capacity for patience by 500% !!!  It’s not right to make people wait this long just because you’re understaffed!

It costs more than a penny to make a penny.

Gas is cheaper in towns that are more expensive to live in than mine.

Straight jackets don’t come in children’s size.


2 thoughts on “Scenes From “That’s Not Right!”

  1. Totally understand the house thing. I was going to say that atleast you don’t have to mow the lawn then I remembered that you love yard work.

    If you do find those straight jacket things, let me know. I would like to order a set.

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