What Happens At Girl’s Night…

…isn’t all that shocking.

Unless it’s an Enrichment activity.

And the Bishop’s wife is in attendance.

At your table (which is hereafter referred to as “The Heathen’s Table”).


Topics of discussion at The Heathen’s Table (a.k.a. The Cool Girl’s Club)::

  • Medicinal coffee.
  • Medicinal marijuana.
  • Chemical and physical castration (since the death penalty “isn’t commensurate with the crime of the rape and murder of a child”).
  • Decaf isn’t really decaf, but Delicato has a great wine that isn’t alcoholic (but is also not called non-alcoholic wine).
  • Cases of valium needed for attendance at family activities.
  • Homosexuality and related political issues.
  • You know the economy is bad if even SallyGirl (a.k.a. in American Indian circles as Drives With A Lead Foot) starts driving 57 mph on the freeway (‘cos she can’t drive 55) to save gas.
  • How having children caused most ladies to start obeying the speed limit, except for me.  The driving didn’t change, but now I’m afraid to go on rollercoasters because what if I die?
  • Vivid recollections of “Alien Encounter” at Disneyworld, and how it was so intense and scary they discontinued the ride (at the bereavement of SallyGirl who after hearing such details would give anything for an opportunity to be scared like that!).
  • Juicy tales of life before membership in the Church (and some after!).

I’m sure it all sounds so… in appropriate for an RS activity, but really, we learned a lot from each other.  I’d go so far as to say some testimonies may have been strengthened.  I know mine was!


5 thoughts on “What Happens At Girl’s Night…

  1. We also had an Enrichment Activity this week. It was a service auction. As the services offered were heavy on the free babysitting, 2 of the older sister ended up with no service to bid on. They started talking about all having a girls night out together and the Relief Society President piped up and said, “How about a girls night out at Chippendales?”

    Ahhhhh….I new I liked her! LOL

  2. I need to come to your next activity.
    We always joke that our book club conversation has to cover sex, food, and frustrations (not necessarily linked) in order to have been a truly successful book club night.
    That’s what this reminds me of.

  3. Potatoes are VERY easy to can. Especially the kind you don’t have to peel. (Yukon gold, red) You just wash, quarter and put into the jar with salt and boiling water. You have to pressure cook them for 45 minutes. That’s it. All together, it takes about 2 hours with all the waiting. (waiting to come to pressure, waiting for the pressure cooker to cool)

    You can use them for just about anything. Hashbrowns, mashed, in soup or stew, I might even try them in potato salad. I’m not sure about the texture, but it will be a happy day if it works.

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