Summa Summa Summa Time….

It’s a million and three degrees today.  As was yesterday.  And the week before then.  I think Summer has officially arrived.  Good thing I got my tomatoes in when I did.  They’ve tripled in size (the plants, anyway) since I put them in.  God bless Miracle Gro Potting Soil!  I got two heirloom varieties.  They are obviously huge ones as their blossoms are 200% larger than the Sweet 100’s I planted.  I’m thinking three plants in one half-cask barrel isn’t enough room.  Especially since technically, there were three starter plants in the cherry tomato I bought.  I would’ve looked for another one, but it was the only one of that variety left, and I know how Target is.  They won’t get another one just because I’d be waiting for it.

I’m super excited.  We looked at another house on Saturday.  It’s 1/4 acre.  The backyard is an interesting layout, but that’s part of its appeal.  There is a screen porch, an area for an above-ground (and perhaps in the far, FAR future an in-ground) pool on side yard one, many trees (some of which bear fruit!), a very shallow pond (which I’ll be replacing with a grassy area for my hammock & reading spots) in the back, and then a whole ‘nother side yard where we could garden and park a Silver Twinkie.  It’s 3/2, no windows in the bathroom and they have those horrid sliding shower doors, but that’s easy to fix.  The door part, not so much the window given its location.  Also, there is only one closet in the master bedroom (ouch!) and the kitchen is vomituous lilac pink.  That’s gotta go before moving in.  Other pluses are: TONS of built-in storage in the garage and ceiling fans that are not hideous in all the bedrooms.  Also, new stove & dishwasher.  New counter tops too, but those will go a.s.a.p.  They’re black something with pink in it.  EWWWWW!!!!  I’m just grateful it’s not tile.  Have you ever tried rolling out cookies or piecrust (which you know I do all the time, bwahahahahah!) on tile?  Now, if you’ll just picture our street as the inside of your arm bent at a 90′ angle, we would be in the corner.  Isn’t it just perfection?

No.  Perfection would be our offer getting accepted, nobody losing their minds and backing out, and us moving in before school starts on August 11th.  Sweeeeet!


2 thoughts on “Summa Summa Summa Time….

  1. I wish you luck. And you might have to live with that pink kitchen for a while. Kitchens are mui expensive. Unless it’s just a can of paint and new counters, then go to it!

    A word of advice – NEVER sell it. EVER EVER EVER EVER.

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