Lovin’ It Up On

I realized today, I’ve had a bit of a dry spell in the posting department!  That migraine episode really did me in.  And I’ve just been non-stop busy ever since so I couldn’t devote any time to thinking of fabulous things to say and share with you, until now….

These are some things I have been lovin’ it up on lately:

Here We Stand

The Fratellis have a new CD out.  I love them.  You’d recognize their music from the iPod commercial that played “Flathead”.  “Ba da bup ba da da da da Ba da bup ba da da da da…”  My current favorite is “Look Out Sunshine!”.  Go on, fire up iTunes and give it a listen.  You won’t be sorry.

Next up on my list is:  Kellogg’s Vanilla Milkshake Pop Tarts.  You heard me right, POP TARTS.


God looked down and smiled upon me in the grocery store today.  This stuff is like,  Costco birthday cake in a toaster!!  Except I don’t know one person in the universe who eats these bad boys toasted.  I bought the mint chocolate ones for me to put in the freezer and forget about until one day I become so desperate for a treat I actually venture into the small freezer and find them.  I got the VMS ones for the boys as a nice surprise.  I never buy this crap but I thought school is getting out, we’ve got Cub Scout day camp all week long, it might be fun to spring this on them.  Good thing they like to share!

I decided to buy a crapload of sunscreen all at once at Costco this year.  The deal is sweet, two  bazillion-ounce cans of Sport Mist SPF 30 and a trial-size tube of sunscreen for your face, all to the tune of $13.99.  I love the mist because you don’t have to rub it in.  Spray and go, baby!  Except the children’s version was only $11.99, and the Costco Coupon Bible that comes out every few months had a $3.00 off coupon for up to two purchases.  Four cans doesn’t cover it for us, I needed more!  (Good thing I’m a pathetic loser who will ask complete strangers for their extra coupons resourceful and located a second coupon so I could get 4 more cans!)  The bummer of it all is that the kids version is lotion mist, not clear mist, so you do have to rub it in.  But it’s really not that big of a deal and it absorbs much more quickly than regular lotion does.  You might be asking yourself (aside from “why do I keep reading this crap?) what the big deal is, why can’t I just go out and buy more sunscreen when we need it?  And the answer is this:  Despite the fact that we live in a state where it’s needed 24/7 365, Costco only carries sunscreen in April, May, June and maybe a little bit into July.  Ridiculous, yes, but you can count it as part of your food storage, so I let it lay where it falls on this one.  I am disappointed that they switched from Coppertone to Banana Boat this year.  Coppertone smells SO much better!  Plus, I am a brand snob and my neurosis tells me that Coppertone is more hip (and thereby effective) than Banana Boat is.

Last, but not least, is this:

Fresh raspberries!  They had them on sale last week.  $3.99 for a 12 oz. clamshell.  That’s pretty sweet considering it’s usually $3.99 and up for 6 oz.  I just couldn’t get enough!  I bought two when I first went shopping for the week, and then I had to get two more later on because they were so delicious I didn’t want to miss them while the price was right!

Ok.  I’m going to bed at a “decent” hour tonight.  So what that it’s already after 11:00?  At least it’s not midnight.  Yet!


2 thoughts on “Lovin’ It Up On

  1. I’m going to go stock up on the sunscreen at Costco. That is a good deal, and we have to wear it all year here. Stinkin sun! lol

    My boys love them some pop tarts. I’ll have to look for the new flavor. We really liked the french toast ones, and now we can’t find them.

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