That’s Just Not Right (And Other Nightmares That Happened In Broad Daylight)

Yesterday I had a major-motion migraine.  One that not even (prescription) narcotics could make a dent in.  It was so bad, I woke up in the night a few times from the pain.  Normally, this would cause all brain functioning to cease, but it was so bad it caused me to remember that sometimes it’s not a migraine, it’s an extremely evil sinus headache masquerading as a migraine (since it focuses behind my right eye and around behind my ear and down the side of my neck).  One trip to the Target pharmacy counter for some REAL Sudaphed (not that fake crap they put in the aisles) and a bottle of water later, and it’s almost as if it never happened.


I saw the fall catalog for my school as I was leaving the library yesterday.  My hand flicked out and snatched a copy before the door shut on my way out.  I poured over it and decided that I had enough time for a class or two while D is in AM Kindergarten this year, so I got on the stick about finding out what happened with my financial aid.  It turns out that I didn’t mark on my FAFSA that I had a High School Diploma or GED, so I’ll be needing to bring a copy of that in.

Exsqueeze me?  Suzy Homemaker whose husband is technically a public servant and pays taxes has to show proof that she graduated from high school but, Jesus (who is here illegally), not only doesn’t have to show his diploma, but he doesn’t even have to be a friggin’ US Citizen and attends college on our tab?


Last on our list of WTH?!?! today is:  Little Dude and I were stimulating the economy at Target this afternoon and decided to snag some Mickey D’s on our way home for lunch.  OOPS!  Car accident is blocking both driveways, better come back later.  But that’s not the best part…

The best part is when we get home and after having a huge drink are no longer hungry (which makes us ravenous later on as we are tearing out the door at 3:00 to run errands we should’ve started twenty minutes earlier so we can pick up big dudes from school on time).   I  swing by Mickey D’s again, but being budget-conscious decide not to get Happy Meals (even though they have the cool Kung Fu Panda toys) but two cheeseburgers no pickle/no onion, one fry, and two small sodas all from the dollar menu, with my 8% sales tax totaling $5.40 cents.  “Ok, that’ll be $6.33 at the first window.”  “Uh, what?  I only ordered 5 items. Can you check that?”  “Yes ma’am, it’s $6.33 please pull forward.”  “Dude, I ordered 5 things from the Dollar Menu, how can it be…” “Ma’am?  The small fries are no longer on the Dollar Menu.”  !!!ZOINKS!!! (….pulling forward to first window…) “So… how much are the small fries now?”  “Uh, I think they’re like $1.49 or something.”  “What?!?!  For real?  Uhh, I’m probably the only person that’s complained about that huh?”  “No ma’am, a lot of people have.  Here’s your change.”


Thanks for joining us for our first (and definitely not last) edition of “That’s Just Not Right!”

Good night and good luck!


3 thoughts on “That’s Just Not Right (And Other Nightmares That Happened In Broad Daylight)

  1. That would have totally bugged me. Have you bought the little coupon books from there? I think they’re 1.50 and there are 12 coupons for free fries, small drinks, cookies, etc. Turns out to be a bargin!

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