I’ve Had A Birthday, Part II

This was one of my best birthday parties, EVER.  All of my wonderful friends came, as did a couple of my aunties and my cousin from way up past Sacramento!  One of my guests was a girlfriend I’ve known since 8th grade.  Can you believe she just happens to live in the general direction of here?  The world gets smaller and smaller by the minute!  We haven’t seen eachother since we graduated high school, but it was just like old times.  She looked exactly the same (cute!), except with shorter hair.  We had games, we had a water fight, we had food, we had pinata, we had cake, some went to the ice-cold pool, and did I mention we had cake?  Because it was Costco cake, and those are the BEST commercially made cakes in the world!

All the work that was put into today was totally worth it.  I even managed to not be stressed out despite that the children outnumbered the adults by a lot.  I owe Honey backrubs for life, he was so instrumental in getting the apartment ready for company and running last-minute errands!  The only thing missing was pictures.  But I can’t remember everything now, can I?

Thanks for all who made it, and to those who didn’t you were missed!!!


4 thoughts on “I’ve Had A Birthday, Part II

  1. It was an awesome party! Sally looks just like she did in Highschool! Young and vibrant. My 4 year old is still talking about the festivities!

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