I’ve Had A Birthday

And it was ok!  Not fantastic, but hey, that’s what party day is for, right?  I really REALLY should be in bed now, but I knew you’d want to hear about this thing we saw today while cruising the neighborhood looking for houses.

We’re driving down this street and I’m talking to my brother when I hear something out of the corner of my ear that sounds like my husband saying: “Jesus’ carpeting…”


It turns out there was a sign in someone’s yard (or maybe it was on their truck?) that said “Jesus’ Carpentry and Landscaping”.  Nope.  Not kidding.  No need to read it again, you got it right the first time.

Excepting that where I live?  It’s pronounced “Hay-SOOS”.

Thank you, no applause, just throw money.  I’m here three shows a night, five nights a week!


5 thoughts on “I’ve Had A Birthday

  1. Sure, Hay-soos. He lives in my neighborhood too.

    You made my night with the quote game response. You’re officially my new hero.

    I hope you got to sleep ok.

  2. We used to think it was really funny when my grandma wrote us letters about Jesus coming to cut back the bougainvillea. (Did I possibly spell that right?) I do think he would do that for my grandma, though, if he were available for that kind of work.

  3. I missed your birthday??? Awwwww crap! I suck!

    Happy, happy Birthday Sally Dear
    Hope you don’t see wrinkles in the Mirror
    At your B-day party, you will cheer
    Here’s to you, I raise my can of beer! (root, of course!)

    LOL My poetry really stinks! It’s the drugs!

    Love ya!

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