Waiting For The Other Shoe

Things have been going slightly too well in my life this past couple of weeks.  Honey has been more flexible in how we put our budget together (our $60 camping weekend ended up over $200 and he didn’t say a word or give any clue he was upset!), the boys have refrained from delivering the kill blow playing nicely together during their break, we found something we’ve been looking for at a price we can well afford (more news on that later), and even though the van needed some expensive minor repairs, we were prepared for it.  I was able to purchase some picture frames I’ve had my eye on, the kids broke my first grown-up lamp (it cost more than the $10 ones at IKEA) but when I went to find a new one, they managed to have the same one even though it had not been on display at the store in some time!  My sister-in-law beat me to the punch by swiping a certain group of family memorabilia and made it available to everyone, so now I can put those new frames to good use; and I won a beautiful necklace at a Bunko fundraiser I went to this week.

I also had my second fight with Honey in our whole 11.91666666666 year marriage, and we came out intact and closer than ever.  It’s my birthday on Wednesday (which also happens to be the day of the week I was born, and since good things happen in threes and I’m going to be 33, I expect doubly good things of it!), my party is on Saturday, and amazingly enough I have stopped freaking out about it.

I’m trying to be more spiritual.  On the surface, it doesn’t appear so.  But I think it’s working.  I’m saying my prayers more than I ever had before.  I think I’m asking for things in a way that will help me achieve what I’m looking for.  For instance, the Conference Ensigns?  Never read them before.  I’ve been asking for help to remember to read them.  I’m trying to read one article a day.  Naturally, that hasn’t happened, but I have read more than one on the days that I do read, and I’ve read more days than not in the week since I started it.  I have yet to make any progress in the gossip department, but I really want to not talk about others in a way that I would not talk about them in front of their face.  It’s really hard to make these changes.  It’s hard because when that’s basically all you talk about in your group of friends and you stop doing that, what else is there?

So now I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Something bad will happen soon, I know it.  It always does.

Maybe this time it won’t.  Having that extra luck from being 33 and all.


3 thoughts on “Waiting For The Other Shoe

  1. Maybe you’ll get lucky. Well realistically I don’t think you can expect things to continue like this for the remainder of your life but you may get a few more weeks out of it.
    I know what you mean though, that feeling that things are going to go bad, and soon.

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