I’m Stimulated!

Like 99% of tax-paying Americans, we received our bribe money stimulus direct deposit on Friday.  Our mechanic must really need some stimulation, because the car wouldn’t start Friday morning.  It needed a new starter and some connectors and hoses and an oil change, all to the tune of $756.72.  Ka-ching!

Today I’m ticking off some things from the needs and the wants list.  Woo-hoo!  I’m getting picture frames, a canner and setting some cash aside for salsa ingredients, stocking up on sunscreen for the summer, and the kids are getting new undershirts, underwear, and socks!  I’ll also be hitting up Home Depot to refresh the gas tank for our ‘cue and gardening supplies.  YESSSSSSSSSS!!!

Later this week, I’ll be stimulating Costco.  I’ve got to order that fabulous birthday cake!  Then I need to get some more stuff for the party bags, stuff to go in the party bags, and of course, the bags themselves.

Don’t worry, it’s not all fun and games.  We’re saving some for our next car repair (which will inevitably arrive since there isn’t any extra subsitute work), and paying off a card.

If you haven’t already been stimulated, I hope you will be soon.  It feels great!


2 thoughts on “I’m Stimulated!

  1. Yeah, we got the sofa, and I think me and G are going on a trip later this year. The rest goes toward our nebulous idea of a down payment on a house. It still feels good to look at the account balance and actually see something there though!

  2. My savings account is currently being stimulated but if the guy from the city code office ever freaking CALLS BACK I may just stimulate home depot. A lot.

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