I Got Bupkus, Unless You Want Some TMI

Stranded.  Lots to do, no car to do it with.  I begged for mercy from the mechanics, but they close early on Saturdays.  So today?  I’ve painted my nails three times.  I could scratch your eyes out now.  We made a list of ways to stimulate the economy while helping ourselves. I learned my BIL doesn’t like me and hasn’t for years.  I un-grounded the kids from Otter Pops. It is a million degrees today, after all. My new bra came in the mail, but sadder than sad, I can no longer fill a C cup.  Can’t some of the fat from my ass migrate up there?  I mean, losing a little weight here and there is great.  I’m not going to stop doing that.  But does it always have to come from my chest???  The kids broke my most favorite adult possession, a lamp that I paid more than $10 for.  I nearly had a meltdown when Honey threw it away because I was sure somebody could fix it.  Lucky for all, I found the same lamp on the shelf at Target, even though they haven’t had it on display for months.  There were two.  I should have bought the other one as an insurance policy. I caught up on the Grey’s Anatomy episode I missed on Thursday.  It was great.  Last season was really pathetic, but I love how the characters and story lines are developing.  I read not one, but TWO articles from the Conference Ensign.  No, the world is not coming to an end.  I’m trying out a little trait they’re calling “grown-up”.  I’ll let you know how it works out. I should probably start figuring out who to bum rides off of for church tomorrow.  Part of me wants to miss.  Last month, someone from RS e-mailed me asking me to fill out some questionnaire because they’re going to start spotlighting a different sister each month in the RS Newsletter.  They wanted me to be first since I was moving.  I guess they didn’t want me that much, because when we got the new newsletter, it wasn’t me on the back.  I’ve lost all motivation to find a new house.  It’s what we need most to help our family be healthy and happy, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I know everything happens for a reason, so please stop saying that.  But it still feels like God led us there, gave us this perfect house, made everything fall into place and then at the last minute said:  “HA HA!  Just kidding!!” I ate a small bag of powder donuts yesterday.  I haven’t done anything like that in I can’t even remember how long.  Possibly ever.  But I did.  I pulled a full-on binge.  I’m feeling a little bit out of control in my life, so I grabbed hold of the one thing I could control and used it against myself.  Good thing I couldn’t get over to my WW meeting this morning!  I guess I could work on something productive now.  Laundry.  Whatever.  Write some letters. Ok.  That’s it.


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