Under Pressure

Erica, my AZ sista, is on a domestic goddess streak.   First, she made jam.  A lot.  Then, she made spaghetti sauce.   Her latest?  Pinto beans.

I feel a spending binge coming on.  I am now in dire need of a Presto 16 Qt. Pressure Canner.  And a Lodge Enameled Dutch Oven.   If I do not get these things and soon, I may die of some new and unnamed disease (which will of course be named after me!) because I couldn’t go out and can my own salsa.  Or green beans.  Or peaches!!  I’m not so worried about the jam, because I’m all about the sugar, and you get much more of that with freezer jam.  I need to make no-knead bread!

This is not good.  For days now, I’ve been upset that I can’t bake.  I’ve been considering wasting my stockpile of Kirkland butter in the name of learning how to make pie crust.  This OCD might manifest itself in other, more expensive ways.  I feel an uncontrollable need to stimulate the economy!  Quick, somebody stop me before my “rebate” arrives!!!


3 thoughts on “Under Pressure

  1. You don’t want a pressure canner for peaches or salsa. They’ll turn to mush – uck! You just need a steam canner for those and that is a LOT cheaper. If you’re determined to can beans, you’ll still need the pressure canner but the organic frozen green beans (from Costco) are better anyway.

    Oh – and don’t use the butter to make the pie crust. It turns out better if you use shortening. Use the butter for that no-knead bread right out of the oven! Good luck!

  2. Right. You don’t need a pressure canner for fruit or for anything with tomatoes in it. Because they are high acid, you can just water bath can them. You have to pressure can all other veg though, because of the low acid. There’s a lady in my ward who cans everything. Chicken, hamburger, roast. I’m going to try some chicken. I’ll let you know if it turns out gross. I might also try broth with rice and veg in it. From what I read, canning a whole jar of rice turns to mush, but if you use it in a soup base, it’s good. I also might try chili or stew. I’m feeling less ambitious today. I just want to hide and sleep!

  3. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Was that English? Unless it has to do with sleep deprivation or unruly kids I got nothing.
    let me just reread maybe I’ll get something with a second pass… wait, here it is! Spending binge. I get that one. Must be English after all.

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