Slip-Slidin’ Away

In 2002 Californians voted 61% in favor of Prop. 22, an initiative which prevents California from recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states. Today the California Supreme Court overturned the voice of the people 5-4 deeming it unconstitutional.

I want to have profound thoughts and words to share on this issue, but I don’t. I have religious beliefs that say homosexuality is wrong. I have personal beliefs that say God’s the boss, better do what He says. God says a lot of stuff and I don’t always understand it. My imperfect mind tells me that some of what He says is in direct conflict, and how do I choose between two rights? I have two cousins that are gay. Now what?

The fact of the matter is – I live in the here and now, not some perfect world where everyone does what’s “right”. The struggle to be in the world and not of it is great. The phrase “slippery slope” keeps entering my mind, but not just in this matter. There is right and there is wrong, and we have been pushing the line on that since Eve bit the apple. We all have to choose. Movie Ratings: Anything goes or Just “G”? Word of Wisdom: Coke = coffee? Tithing: net or gross? Parenting Style: Free-range or Hover? Gay Marriage: Yay or nay?

You may not have noticed, but we are not identical twins, you and I. Even identical twins have differing personalities. Is one of them better than the other? Nope. Just different. We all have different belief systems. Is yours better than mine? You might think so, but I’ll probably beg to differ. Since “the church” (which one is that, btw?) does not run “the state”, and vice versa, we should butt out of each other’s different definitions of marriage. The government can have its definition and I’ll have mine.  Civil union for the government, marriage for the churches, everybody’s happy and we all have the same rights and privileges.

(will someone please tell me if I navigated that land mine successfully?)

Prologue: I’m alright with people. I prefer to think of them as just that. I’m anti-PC, but I’m also anti-rude. I don’t care if you’re gay, unless I’m planning on flirting with you. That might be helpful to know. (All those years wasted on George Michael, sigh….) I don’t care what religion you are, unless we’re talking shop and then I’d like to know so I can find out what we have in common. And I also don’t care what color you are, unless you commit a crime, or an act of kindness, and I’m trying to help find you. You have to be found so we can arrest you or give you a plate of cookies!


4 thoughts on “Slip-Slidin’ Away

  1. I’ve kind of been thinking about this lately and I’m of two minds about it. First of all, there are so many more “heinous” acts that are perpetrated all the time that we often feel like we ought to focus there rather than on something involving love even if it’s a love that we don’t necessarily approve of. But then I think of the other side. “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist.” (I freely acknowledge that quoting a rated R movie in this argument is very hypocritical) When we say, “Oh it’s about love.” are we allowing something that could be even more destructive?
    Something that’s illegal is socially unacceptable but homosexuality is just getting more and more socially embraced.
    I’m really not trying to start an argument here. I’m trying to start a dialogue, trying to work though this in my head. I kind of like the civil v. religious idea that you postulate here too. I’ll have to think (and pray) more about it.

  2. Oh I’m with you and that’s kind of my point. No one’s going to tell my son that it’s ok to beat up other kids but most people would tell him it’s ok to like, and be attracted to another boy. If he has the urge to hit another kid he’s told that’s wrong but if he wants to kiss him, to much of the world that’s ok. When we put the name love on something then it’s accepted. And making it legal just enhances that.
    I would almost rather… no not almost, I would rather that my children were exposed to something that’s just obviously evil, murder, beatings, whatever, than something under the guise of love that’s just as or even more destructive to their souls.
    Nope, it’s not PC and it’s not popular but I’m against it. I have gay friends, people that I love and they know that I love them but they also know that I don’t approve of their choices and I can’t vote for or approve of legislation that promotes it as an acceptable choice.

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