Ten On Tuesday – 10 Things I’m Really Good At

And in no particular order…..

  1. Remembering birthdays, at 11:00 p.m.
  2. Planning vacations.  If roadtripping were a major in college?  I’d have graduated by now.
  3. Being prepared for what ails you. Have you seen the inside of my purse?  It’s like I’m a walking pharmacy!  You never know if someone’s going to need something for allergies, or a headache, or upset tummies, even panic attacks!
  4. Not noticing that it’s well past time for dinner. That’s the one thing that stinks about daylight savings.  I often find that it’s after 8:00 and not only are the kids still up, but we haven’t had dinner either!
  5. Sharing in on the conversation, in the privacy of my own head.  I always know what I mean to say, but if all the words make it out of my mouth you should consider it a miracle.  Sometimes I figure what I’m saying is collectively understood, but most times complete sentences often miss the mouth and I end up sounding retarded.  This often happens in Sunday School or Relief Society.
  6. Fixing the problem. All you have to do is ask nicely.  If your food is cold, then say so.  Don’t eat it and be angry.  If your nachos are too stale at the movies, tell the manager.  He will get you fresh ones, or heat those up to make them crisper and give you your money back plus free movie passes.
  7. Being rawther relaxed with death. Seriously, have you met my family?  We’ve had a few.  I think that, coupled with my religious beliefs have given me a laid-back, have-no-fear, attitude towards it.  Death, that is.  Don’t get me wrong, I still freak out about if I got it all right.  But I also realize it’s not really the end and there is much to look forward to for all of us.
  8. Free-range Parenting. I think behind my back people think of me as a lazy parent.  I say, there are natural consequences that should be experienced.  Playing with the screen door and got your fingers slammed?  Good!  You won’t do it again.  Kids walking home from school with their friends?  Fantastic! Less time spent inside.  I’m raising these kids to grow up and leave home to have their own adventures, not to be scared of their own shadows and come crawling back home to mommy & daddy when they’re 35.
  9. Reading. Sometimes, I can fit up to 5 novels in in a week!
  10. Laughing out loud. I’ve got to get those ab exercises in somewhere!

4 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday – 10 Things I’m Really Good At

  1. I love this! Esp. the free-range parenting.
    And the reading, when I’m on the read I’m on and I’ll see your five novels and raise you one or two.

  2. I have electric. I bought my pressure canner at Walmart (sorry!) for about $65 last year. It will hold 7 quart jars. I have used it for both water bath and pressure canning. It is really easy and not as scary as I had thought it would be. I’m doing my 3rd batch of pinto beans now! Yay!

  3. i cant believe this.. i followed a link to look at your crafting skills, and instead i find my EXACT copy of myself. dont feel bad about any of these things you are “good at” cuz that will mean that i should feel bad too 🙂

    lack of memory for little events, lack of concept of time, inability to speak what i think –in the order i think it, free range parenting!! number one!!

    glad to know there is someone out the with similar thoughts on the matter

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