True Patriots

Don’t be alarmed, everybody stay calm, there’s no need for the authorities… but I feel a serious moment coming on.

I just finished watching “The Patriot”.  It’s been a long time since I cried during a movie, but actual tears streamed down my face when I saw the passion and devotion of the men who gave all they had (and more) so that we could be where we are today.

I can’t even describe the gratitude I feel.  To know that they got up, or that they went back time after time of getting shot at, or axed, or gored by a bayonet – because they knew they were fighting for something bigger than themselves, it filled my heart.  These men were not soldiers, they were farmers.  Or shop keepers.  Blacksmiths, businessmen, clergy, children…  There were boys not much older than my 9 year-old fighting.  The only shooting skills most of them had was how good a shot they were when hunting for food.  Their weapons were even less reliable.

War is brutal.  It is ugly.  It is serious business and although I only do it when I remember to (which is less often than I’d like to admit), I am going to start praying for the soldiers who are at war today, and the people in the countries around them.  Wherever they are, I know that not all of them will be safe.  I know that not all of them will get to come home.  But I do know that whatever happens in their service to me and my country, God will not be the only one watching over them, my family and I will too.


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