I Never…

Have you ever played that game?  It’s the best!  Especially when all of your friends have colorful pasts, and compared to them you seem as pure as the driven snow.  (Speaking of driven snow, what the crap is that?!?)  We used to play it at Mom’s Night Out back in my MOMS Club days, and it goes like this:

You get a medium-sized bowl and something small that you have a lot of.  Cheerios, macaroni noodles, pennies, whatever, and give each person a set amount like 25.  Then you sit in a circle and someone starts by saying something like, “I never joined the mile-high club”, or “I never got arrested”, something hopelessly dramatic like that.  Whoever HAS done that thing, chucks in one of their pieces of whatever.  Then it goes around and around until the last person to have something left wins.

I’m thinking of adding it to the list of entertainment at my big bash.  Want to come?


2 thoughts on “I Never…

  1. Yikes! I might be in big trouble with that game. My “I never”s may not be as many as those good Mormon girls. I had a little bit of a wild past for a year or so, way back in the day.

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