Air Sickness Bag, Anyone? Anyone?

UGH.  My heart has been broken, crushed, trampled upon and spit out.  Did anyone watch American Idol last night?

Ok, me neither, but that’s because it’s not Friday when I spend all morning catching up on AI and a week’s worth of Hot Topics from “The View” at Shana the Beautiful’s.

You all remember my two faves, Archie and David Cook, right?  The two Hottie Hot-HOTTS of the show?  I heard little Davey messed up the words again and didn’t get called on it this time, so I immediately clicked on over to youtube and located this amazing feat of mass swoon-inducing that apparently caused all three judges not to notice what the rest of America did (Simon must not be feeling well!).  Since you can’t have one without the other,  I checked out the non-jailbait candidate, David Cook, and that is when I became in immediate and desperate need of a barf bag.

Music of the Night?  I was like, “YEAH!!!  Rock it up, baby!!!”  And then the music started.

This was worse than the pencils in the ears thing.  Not that he was bad, he sang pretty o.k., the uptake at the last note I could’ve done without, but I am reduced to tears thinking how much cooooooooler that could’ve been arranged.  (sigh)

In other news, I think I caught Grandma Cooties.  I knew that last hug and kiss of the cheek was too close for comfort, but it’s too late now.  I’ve basically slept all day (except for when I was discovering the incredible suction power on my Dyson by vacuuming the ceiling, the ceiling fan, and the bathroom vent – which BTW needs fixing since I sucked it right out of the wall!) and watched movies.  It is supposed to be Grocery Day (being Wednesday and all) and I have yet to shower and boogie out the door.  It is now 5:47 p.m. PDT.

Want to come over for dinner?  We’re having oatmeal.


One thought on “Air Sickness Bag, Anyone? Anyone?

  1. My random thoughts to you post:

    I just ordered my Dyson yesterday….Is it possible it will show up today? No? Crap!

    I actually liked Cook’s Music of the Night. He’s hot…dang!

    I did notice the lyric thing with Arch, but when they didn’t say anything, I thought I was wrong. Maybe the judges aren’t that familiar with the music or something? He did a great job of not letting it show though.

    I am still in my pj’s. I need to shop too. I don’t wanna go.

    Ok…that’s all for now!

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