Oprah’s Got A Church?

So, a few days ago Banana posted something on an email that’s been going around.  Something with “Church” and “Oprah” in the same sentence.  I haven’t received this email, so I’m guessing that the contents are some link to a youtube video and a passionate plea for boycotting her (or supporting, depending on your viewpoint) because of whatever it is she’s “teaching” people with her latest book club selection.

Of course, I immediately had to hunt down this clip on youtube, because I am a sheep and must do what everyone else does… watch the video!  I was so gobsmacked by what I heard, I couldn’t begin to comment on the post because all I could think was:  People listen to her.  People will buy this crap.  No wonder the world’s going to Hell in a handbasket!

I guess this post got Banana quite a few new visitors to her blog.  Which made me sit back and think, I probably didn’t read the post right or hear the video right, I was in such shock.  So I re-read it.  And I thought about what she really said.  I went to re-comment but realized it was turning into a novel (much as my preface to it is!) so I decided to just put it out here:


For a long time I haven’t liked Oprah.  I know she does a lot of good and inspires others to do the same, but it bothers me that someone who espouses so much good cannot (or will not?) acknowledge from whom all this goodness comes from.  She calls it a higher power, a positive energy, a life-force, a whatever-sounds-good-to-the-masses name, but she has not ever (to my knowledge) acknowledged that the name for this entity is God.  It doesn’t even matter to me if she believes in God or not.  What bothers me is that if she does, she will not call Him by name in public.  *Non-comment note here:  I recognize whether she does or doesn’t isn’t really any of my business, I’m just curious.

And there ya have it.


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