Because I’m Having A Non-Stop Freakout

Ok, I know we all have better things to do than post on our blogs, but the simple fact is we can’t do them until we blog about them either before or after life happens.  Like right now?  I should be sleeping.  Because it’s kindergarten registration tomorrow morning, and if I don’t get there early enough, D may end up with afternoon kindergarten, and then he won’t be best friends with J anymore because not only are they at different schools but now they’ll have different schedules, and then they’ll just glom onto other kids that are actually in their everyday lives, which D & J will no longer be because of the AM/PM kindergarten thing, and can you see the vicious circle this creates?  I need distraction people!  You should be posting more frequently to calm me down!!!

In addition, we started escrow today.  Paper-signing galore, wriggly and hungry children and all.  Which brings me to the major cause of my freakout.  This weekend, I’ve got bupkus.  Ok, obviously there will be some packing going on.  But no work.  No paint getting painted, no laminate floors and tile being installed, no appliances ordered, because we don’t legally own the house until April 28th.  And next weekend?  I’m at Grandma’s.  And the weekend after that is Banana’s Birthday, which is two days before we close and I’m pretty certain that even though I will not be able to purchase anything before then, I will need to have a list ready to go of what color paint, etc.  And then we have a BFF birthday party on May 3rd, a classmate’s first Communion on the same day (and with my luck, you know it will be at the same time) and then on the weekend after that we have another little trip planned!  This is psycho, right?  Am I right?  Of course I am!

Can you see why a 3 month’s supply of Valium is not going to be enough for the next 30 days???


2 thoughts on “Because I’m Having A Non-Stop Freakout

  1. I hate to add to your freakout but A called me last night and said that her favorite teacher may only teach in the afternoon and wants J to take the afternoon class with her daughter. I talked it over with DH and he suggested that J make the decision! What! J said that he wants the afternoon. I am still adamant about the morning. Uggh! I feel caught between a rock and a hard place.

  2. Would they even let you in to work on the house before closing, anyway? That is not how it has worked for us, but maybe this is different …

    I was thinking, another option if you want to shop before the 26th would be a Friday night … not this Friday but maybe next Friday?

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