Before-Bed Ramblings

You know, this whole “sunny-but-freezing” thing is really starting to annoy me… Oh well, at least it’s pretty to look at!

I had a planning meeting for Cub Scouts earlier this evening.  Can I just tell you, that has got to be my absolute favorite meeting?  I get so excited planning all these things with these women for these great kids to enrich their lives and teach them how to grow up to be good men.  It really makes life seem worthwhile when you can see how what you do affects others in a positive way.

For years I’ve been dying to go to camp with the Young Women of our ward, but I’ve never been able to because of scheduling conflicts – namely that Honey works and there was always one kid that needed full-time care while the others were at school.  But now that the district has switched from a year-round schedule to a modified traditional one, Honey will finally be not working at the same time as camp is and I can go!  I’m still waiting to be “called” to it, but I’m pretty sure they’ll invite me.  I am so excited!!!  This will also be the last time I get to spend with the sweet young woman who has been our go-to babysitter for the last six years.  We have watched her grow up from a fresh-faced 12 year-old just starting to watch other people’s children, to a fresh-faced, all-grown high school senior ready to go out into the world and make her way.  Having her as part of our family, and in a way being part of hers, has been such a blessing for all of us.  She gave her service to us freely (or quite nearly so!) in the early days when we were trying to get on our feet after just moving here and needed a night out, and she has lived her life and conducted herself in such a way that I have never had to worry about leaving my three most valuable possessions in her care.  I don’t know what we’ll do when she goes off to college later this year!

Well, I guess I should crawl into bed with one of my books.  I read five novels in as many days (or thereabouts) last weekend and then I slacked off for a little bit and now my reading pile is building up again.  Crikey!

Goodnight, All!

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