The One In Which I Actually Woke Up Happy

I was in the most splendid mood when I woke up this morning!  The cushiness of the bed and the softness and warmth of my blanket in my cool room was just perfection.  It didn’t even bother me that it was 5:30 a.m.!  I’m at a loss as to why I might be sleepy from 10:30 on though…  Oh, well!

The next few weeks and months are so exciting to me.  Honey’s mom will be in town next weekend, two weeks after that we’re going down to L.A. to visit grandma and hit the aquarium, then hopefully not too long after that we’ll be moving!  Plus my Birthday Bash is coming up!!

We went over our budget and expenses last night, and we might just have enough cash to pay for the new floor & paint plus our major appliances at the new house!  I’m super happy because this means I can get the flooring I wanted to.  And I’ve re-decided to carpet only the bedrooms.  Honey’s mom was right, who wants cold bedroom floors in the winter?


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