The One In Which I Have Died Happy

I got the new Pottery Barn catalog today. I’ve just chucked recycled the last few, it was too painful to look. But of course, now that I have a new house (fingers crossed and knocking on wood), I’m “in the market” so to speak.

I need this desperately to fulfill my attractive-storage needs:



And then I found the perfect headboard to match the dresser and desk that I inherited from my Grandma Ellie:




  I never really considered myself a yellow person in the way of decoration.  I’m passionately in love with blue, it just screams “sleep peacefully… dream of George Clooney and Luke Wilson… nevermind those screaming heathens in the living room at 6:00 on Saturday morning…”  But this dresser from Grandma is just so lovely, I swear they snuck in my bedroom and stole a paint chip to get the exact same yellow so I would have to buy the bed to match it!


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