He Did It!!!


S loooooooooooves music.  He’s definitely his mother’s son.  Last year, he told us that he wanted an iPod for Christmas.  Riiiiiiiight.  This child spends money like water goes through the sand in the desert!  He’s always popping off to the laundry room to buy a soda, and since he only earns just over a dollar a week doing certain chores, that’s the end of that.  To encourage him to be a saver instead of a spender (again, like his mother!) we would look on eBay to find one for cheap so it wouldn’t seem like such an impossible task. 

Now, I know there are cheaper MP3 players out there than the Apple iPod family, but I’m semi-retarded in the technology department, and it just is easier if he has something that I can put music on from iTunes, where I have spent our non-existant life savings and uploaded every CD in our collection. 

When I logged onto iTunes the other day I noticed that they had an ad for their new, lower prices on the Shuffle.  I was happy to see that he could get a 1G shuffle for the money he already had!  So we picked out the red one, his favorite color, had his name engraved on it, and ordered it.  Wouldn’t you know, the FedEx man came while I was dropping the fam off at school this morning???  I must have just barely missed him so I called them and begged for him to come back this way today instead of tomorrow morning when I would be sure to miss him again, and he agreed.

S, we am SOOOOO PROUD of you!!!  Happy listening!



4 thoughts on “He Did It!!!

  1. Yeah S! I am so glad you FINALLY put in a picture. Could you email some more of your favorites, I might be doing a little project. Thanks.

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