Why Is It…

  • That the former pre-schooler is all of a sudden forgetting that you don’t need the entire roll of TP to wipe your bum, leaving you without a stitch of it for the rest of the day?
  • No matter how much water you drink/Sudafed you swallow/blow your nose, you still can’t breathe??
  • That one day you’re turning on the a/c in the car it’s so pleasantly hot outside, and the next you’re turning on the heat?
  • I can’t blink my eyes and have all the clean laundry folded and put away so I can lounge around being miserable while watching Harry Potter IV because my little red envelopes of joy will not arrive today?
  • That Netflix doesn’t offer personal delivery to sick people without cable who are in DIRE need of vegetateable entertainment?
  • That Coke Zero is not available at drive-thrus everywhere?
  • I can’t find the GINORMOUS bottle of ibuprofen when I need it, (nevermind that I’m not supposed to)?
  • There’s no chicken noodle soup (with extra noodles) in my cupboard?

Did someone forget that it’s about me and my misery?  Who forgot to send out the notices??  I want names.  Heads will roll.  I mean RIGHT nowzzzzzzzz……zzz…..


Comments here ---> (please?)

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