Score One For The HOME Team!

So, I checked my voicemail on Sunday morning because my phone had been charging on Saturday evening and you’ll never guess who left us a message!  Our agent called to tell us that the seller has accepted our offer on the house and now we just have to wait to hear from the bank!!!!

HOLY SCHNIKEYS!!!!!!  We’re going to own a house! 

I celebrated by going out to look at the fridges at Home Depot.  And flooring.  We swung by the paint chips, too.  I visited the washer & dryer I picked out, but I’m not sure I’m in love with them anymore.  Which is a problem because the washer was the cheapest Energy Star rated one.  Oy vay!


5 thoughts on “Score One For The HOME Team!

  1. That’s fabulouso! I am so excited for you. Maybe you should wait and move to AZ with us. Keep me updated, Mom knew your offer came back before I did, and I thought we were friends! Love you.

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