Things I Saw Today

I chaperoned the YW to the snow today.  Five girls and me, in my minivan, cruisin’ the Sierras.  In the wrong direction.  But only for 14 miles.  These are some of the things I saw:

  • Miles and miles and MILES of gorgeous, undeveloped land.  A lot of which was inhabited by Happy Cows.
  • Hundreds-years old pine and redwood trees.
  • Snow piled high enough to bury me standing up.
  • Skies bluer than a robin’s egg.
  • Clouds spread so thin you could see through them.
  • Strong, faithful young men and women enjoying each other’s company in weather colder than a witch’s wart.
  • Men committed to guiding and directing these young souls on the most direct path to return to our Father in Heaven.
  • Almond blossoms with a scent so sweet you’d mistake it for a newborn baby.

And to top it all off, I could hear the trees talking. 


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