We Got It Goin’ On

The downside of me being busier and more active in life is that I’m too freaking tired to write anything at the end of the day, and too lazy to get up early and do it! 

Remember about… 3-ish months ago when all my church friends encouraged me to call one of their husbands (who is a real estate agent) to get us going on buying a home?  I may not have talked about it here, but it happened.  Honey and I have been under the (well-deserved) impression that in no uncertain terms would we ever be able to afford a home here in California.  Seriously.  Unless Grandma finally wins the lottery, go Grandma!, how could a family of five on a public school teacher’s income buy a house even in the worst of neighborhoods that wasn’t in a Death Valley-esque desert country?

I’ll tell you how… THE REAL ESTATE MARKET CRASHED, and but good!

We still can’t afford much.  We have found a perfect first home for us, and a perfect mortgage program, now the question is… can we get it for our perfect price?  We hope so.  We think so.  We’re praying for it to be so.

The one thing that we can’t figure our way around is this:  The house is in pre-foreclosure, meaning the owner can’t make the changes we need made before moving in.  It’s been heavily smoked in, meaning the carpet has GOT to go, and the walls need repainting.  I am so allergic and so sensitive to the smoke, I can’t spend more than 5 minutes in it without starting to cough.  There’s also some water damage in one of the bathrooms.  So how will we get the money to do all that?  Any current homeowners out there have a solution or advice on the issue?

The yard is so huge… and you all know what a rarity that is these days.  It’s also 95% finished.  There’s a patio that we need to finish bricking in, or end it where it is and grass the rest of it.  There’s a fenced-off garden area, and it’s already been hedged & borders placed in so I can have flowers or bushes right up next to the house.  It’s not much bigger than our apartment, only 1180 sq. feet vs. the 1000 sq. feet we’re in now, but did I mention it has a freaking huge yard???  The kitchen is on the small side as well, but just add that to my list of improvements to make down the road.  OH!  One of the other HUGE bonuses in addidtion to the yard, it’s literally 3 blocks (two down and one over) from Honey’s school!

 Well, it’s time to get my groove on for the day.  Wednesday is grocery day.  Plus the Bishop’s wife had her hip replaced so I’m taking dinner over after my Relay for Life meeting and my therapsit appointment, but before Cub Scouts and the Ensign group meeting tonight.  I wanted to impress them (HA!) with my cooking, but it’s going to be more like my re-heating.  We’re having meatball subs & salad.



5 thoughts on “We Got It Goin’ On

  1. Wow! That’s so awesome you found that place! I really hope and pray you get it, and that you’ll be able to stand it until the smoke smell goes away.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! How exciting to have a place of your own!
    An idea for getting cheap paint: if you keep your eyes open you can often find paint that was returned by the initial buyer. Because it has been tinted already, they can’t sell it at full price. When we did our basement, we got 10 gallons of a nice tan color for about $40 (instead of the normal $250). I still have 5 gallons – you can have it but you’d have to come get it. 🙂
    Check your specialized paint stores that do high volume and deal with contractors so you can get large quantities of the same color. Oh and that’s another tip: to make your house seem bigger, use the same color scheme throughout the house (same carpet, same paint). It’s fun to have lots of different color schemes but it breaks up the continuity and makes the house feel smaller than it is.

  3. Also I have a can of paint in a kind of rosy beige that was originally supposed to be for my kitchen in SLC because my mom thought the yellow I chose in there would hinder the resale potential of the house. Anyway I never used it but it is yours if you want it. It’s gloss, so good only for a small kitchen or bathroom.

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