The Three Most Important Party Ingredients (Location, location, location!!!)

So…. I really need to get serious about planning my birthday.  It’s only 4 months and 2 days away, and I have got SO much to do!!  But here’s the thing:  I don’t know what to do about a location!

Part of me wants to have it here.  A big part.  This year, I want to have a bounce house AND a pinata!  But I don’t want the ratty neighborhood kids trying to get in on the action.  When I turned 25, they kept trying to mooch off my party.  I was really irritated!  Until it came to pinata time.  Then I got them all likkered up with sugar and sent them home to their parents.  Of course, I also lived in Happy Valley then, and parents cared about what they fed their kids there.  Here?  Not so much.  They’re giving them Mtn. Dew and Cheetos straight out of the womb in this neck of the woods.  So it’s not like I can let them mooch off of me and punish their parents at the same time for not teaching them better manners.  Wait… maybe healthy food has the opposite effect on them!  Maybe if I gave them some whole-wheat something, they might have some…. issues.  Smelly issues (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!).

On the other hand, there’s this place here that has a warehouse full of bounce houses that would be pretty cool, too!  Except everyone has to pony up $10 bucks to get in, and I’m not paying the arm, leg & toe to rent the party room – so there wouldn’t be any food, either.  OR a pinata.  Which is a major drawback, if you ask me.


I also decided to have cupcakes this year instead of just cake.  And it will be more potluck-y because I’m too poor to feed all my hero-worshippers.  I mean, friends!  Wait, should I do potluck and provide the grill & condiments, or should I just say B.Y.O.Picnic?  B.Y.O.P. sounds like it might be a discouragement, but I don’t want to be minding the ‘cue and I don’t want to sentence anyone to it, either.




2 thoughts on “The Three Most Important Party Ingredients (Location, location, location!!!)

  1. I would totally offer to have your party at my house but I am worried it would be too far away for all your other acolytes.

    As for food: you could have everybody bring their favorite main-course salad, or you could make it a taco bar or something and assign people different items to bring. Or there is the ever successful bring your own meat and a side dish to share. In my experience with those the host usually provides buns, paper goods, condiments and drinks. Always makes a great BBQ if you ask me.

    I am giddy just thinking about a party in warm weather!

  2. Now I feel like a total copy catter but you are welcome to have the party at my house! By May, the ghetto pond will be no longer and you can have your bouncy house and what nots! Ana has a great idea for the food. It should be all of YOUR favorites!

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