Don’t Hate Me Because I Got Spring!

Jealousy is an ugly thing.  I want to remind you of this before I start talking this evening.  And I’m not bragging, so don’t even go there.  I am appreciating.

I rolled out of bed this morning late enough for my WW group to think I might not show up this morning, and when I raced out the door, there was something different in the air.  No, it’s not onion harvest.  No, it wasn’t the usual boquet of Horse & Cow with notes of methane gas.  It was….. DAYLIGHT!!!

I kid you not, the sky was a most lovely shade of peachypinkorange, and it was dry as a bone on the sidewalk!  We must have hit the 40 day/40 night mark, because there wasn’t a rain cloud in sight.  Beyoooteeefull!!

 The cherry on top of it all?  We hit over 60′ today.

As I said, don’t hate me because I got Spring.  Jealousy does not become you.


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