Still Off The Saddle

Ok, so you know I like to cook, right?  Or at least, I pretend I do.  Love the food, love the cookbooks, don’t love the work.


I don’t feel like making anything, I’m tired of eating what’s frozen (i.e. Lean Cuisine), when are you going to make me some dinner?!?!


5 thoughts on “Still Off The Saddle

  1. FYI, we love stouffer’s and buy them for Chris’ lunch all the time. I too have eaten the cardboard called LeanCuisine and can imagine it getting old. I recently looked on the back of both boxes to compare if I ate Chris’ box or my “low calorie, fat, whatever” The lean cuisine was only saving me between 10 and 40 calories. I opted for Chris’ and didn’t have the two hershy’s kisses I usually have after. Does that help? Hope so.

  2. We’re having won ton chicken salad tonight but I think I remember that you didn’t like it… Next time you’re up for a 13 hour drive, let me know. We’ll do something “Olive Garden-esque”.

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