Ick, I’m Sick!

I had a rude awakening this morning.  No, really, it was a rude way to wake up.  SICK!  With a sore throat, my ear hurting down my neck, watery eyes and an iffy nose!  Isn’t that rude?  I told you so.

 In other news…

The Hungarian goulash was crap.  C-R-A-P, CRAP!!!  Thank goodness for backup spaghetti.  I was highly disappointed.  Especially since I got the bigger jar of caraway seeds instead of the smaller one (it was only 40 cents more) thinking I would love this and make it repeatedly.  And btw, when it says “crush seeds with the bottom of a saucepan”, does it mean crush them into oblivion, or crush them to make them smelly even though they don’t appear to be breaking up at all?  Anyone?  Beuller?

Is the writer’s strike over yet?  I’m running out of fabulous things to read.  Well, let me change that.  I have plenty of fabulous things on the waiting list a the library but since none of them are in yet I have run through everything else I labeled “fabulous” and I really need to catch up on Grey’s before I forget everything that’s happened!  I see that there’s a new Desperate Housewives this Sunday, but I’m pretty sure the strike isn’t over so I’m wondering what’s up with that.  Is somebody a scab???  I keep seeing ads for the Golden Globes and some other awards show… oh yeah, People’s Choice.  But I hear no stars are showing up in support of the writers, so why are they advertising the shows?
I’m so confused…

Now that January’s here, I’m really ready for it to be March.  Because frankly, January and Febuary are BO-RING!  It’s cloudy, foggy, COOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLDDD, and rainy.  Although, that could turn around if my new 2008 seed catalogs get here so I can plan the ginormous garden I never plant.

Ok.  I need some tea or something.  And I have to make the kids lunch.  I keep making them tuna in hopes that they’ll eventually love it. 


3 thoughts on “Ick, I’m Sick!

  1. Looks like you’re the cold queen this week. =D

    Excuse my cultural ignorance, but what are caraway seeds?

    Yeah, this writer’s strike sucks. But for some reason I feel more intelligent without the old “boob tube.” More reading. Less zoning.

    Sure, January sucks, but at least it’s not 12ºF where you are. XP

  2. Well, since you were bored enough to call me and complain, I wrote a new post just to alleviate your boredom for a whole however long it takes you to read it minute(s). Hope you feel better!

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