I had a feeling I’d be feeling better after my word vomit on here yesterday, and I was right!  I feel much better now.  Thanks for your patience!

 In other news….

Have you seen “Enchanted” yet?  Because it is fantastic!!!  I took S to see it with me last Wednesday after school.  The music is great, Patrick Dempsey is HOT!!!  And the little girl is just adorable.

Speaking of Patrick Dempsey, when did he become so gorgeous???  All I remember is that geeky kid from “Can’t Buy Me Love”, way back when.  He doesn’t look all that different now.  A little scruffier and older, but mostly the same.  And yet somehow, he is right up at the top of the list.  And you all know what list I’m talking about.

Don’t let’s freak out or anything, but CHRISTMAS IS IN 6 DAYS!!!!  Amazingly enough, I am ready.  I have to wrap one more gift, the one for my friend’s son, and then I’m all done.  Ok, I still haven’t made my fudge yet.  The mood hasn’t stricken.  And you just can’t make Mom’s Girl Fudge if the mood isn’t right.  It might come out grainy.

Ok.  Gotta run.  The View is on, and from what I hear – there was a pretty hot interview with former moderator Rosie O’Donnell last night on ET.



3 thoughts on “Ta-Da!

  1. I LOVED Can’t Buy Me Love. I was thinking about it just the other day while I was watching Gray’s. Hmmm…he totally looks the same. Same expressions and everything. But I agree…hot!

    I loved Enchanted too! I wish I could see it again. Have you seen August Rush yet? Go!

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