What Have I Gotten Into???

So, what do you know about Effexor that is good?  Because I just started taking it this morning and I haven’t seen any good information yet.  And now I’m freaked out.  I hate, hate, hate this.  I was fine, and then I wasn’t, and now I’m really not fine and we don’t know how to fix it (yet).  I don’t have time to be screwed up this much.  Why does everything take so long?  Why don’t these drugs work better and faster?  Don’t we live in an age where that happens?

I am freaking out.  Somebody give me some good news, please.  Somebody tell me they take it and love it, or they know somebody that takes it and is doing great.  Most of all, somebody tell me the nausea goes away, because this is worse than morning sickness.

2 thoughts on “What Have I Gotten Into???

  1. I have been so out of it … I’m so sorry …

    I wish I knew information to tell you, good information, but I am basically a complete ignoramus.

    Love you.

  2. I’m sorry. I don’t even know what it is. I hope you feel better soon, but I see you are in the newest post. Sorry, I’m a blogging slacker lately. Crazy days.

    I had a total melt down at Dave’s family’s Family Home Evening Sunday, ending in me grabbing kayden and going home in a rain of yelling and tears. Dave’s neice told me it’s becoming obvious to other people that I’m “losing it”. What is it about the holidays that bring out all the worst in me? crap

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