Can You Hear Me Now?

No.  And I can’t really talk to you, either.  Ok, maybe I can talk – but there will be no screaming today.  Apparently, I screamed so much last night that sound would no longer come out.

WE HAD A FREAKING BLAST!!!!!  I haven’t been to a concert like that since before I was married.  It was especially fantastic because there was no opening act!!!  There was light, and then it was dark, and then there was some insanely fast piano playing with a fantastic light show.  Then the singing came.  Don’t ask me what song, I’ve only maybe heard it once before.

He sang everything under the sun, except “For the Longest Time” and “Uptown Girl”.  He even sang “Downeaster Alexa”!  I was hoping he would, but it’s a bummer of a song so I didn’t think it would make the cut for concert material.  But it did!!

And then there was this roadie….

Who apparently can sing “Highway to Hell” just as well as AC/DC does!  It was hysterical!!  Billy has stepped away from the piano at this point, sang a couple of songs with just the mic, and then the guitar gets strapped on.  And he tells us about this guy who’s been working really, really hard on this song.  It’s a religious song (insert booing from the audience here), a sacred song (he says) and he hopes we’ll give it a chance.  He bets we’ll even be thinking on it in the car on the way home.

Too funny….

By the time the concert ended, he hadn’t even played for two hours (it started late), but oh… did the encore(s) make up for it!  I jumped right out of my seat when I saw the harmonica slip on because I knew that’s when the concert was over for real, and the song would come that we all had gone there for.  Piano Man.

Ok.  Time to hustle out the door for church.  Just had to relay the experience while it was still fresh in my mind.

p.s.  Honey needs lessons on concert attending.  Although, I guess it could be all men that just sit back and enjoy the music and not just him instead of rocking out.  Especially on “Highway to Hell”.  I mean, who can sit sill for that??? 


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