P.S. Your Husband Will Never Be Better Than Mine

My husband is the most fantastic man in the universe. I’ve had this wretched cold for 3 1/2 weeks now, and he took Monday off of work to take care of me and make sure I got some rest. Little did he know he’d be taking Tuesday and Wednesday off, too!

He just took care of every single thing we needed. Stayed up all hours getting ready for the subsitute, did laundry, did grocery shopping, made meals, kept the kids away from me in my hours of trial, played cards with me and patted my head during my numerous crying jags when I was so tired and frustrated with being sick.

He also hasn’t let on if he’s freaked out or not about the fact that when we went to have our flat tire filled until we can get it to our regular tire place we found out we need two new tires and an alignment.

There’s no need to feel bad that my husband is so much better than everyone else’s, I’m sure theirs get points just for trying. 😉

Good night!


3 thoughts on “P.S. Your Husband Will Never Be Better Than Mine

  1. I can’t get the comments to work on your bon jovi post. Anyhoo.

    Phoenix…April 8 Fly down and go with me. You can stay in our spare room. It will be awesome.

    Dave promised me tickets for the last tour and I never got them. This time, I will be buying them myself. I will not miss them again.

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