Where Is That Death Hole When I Need It???

As per my usual Thursday evening activities, I was parked in front of the boob tube for my Thursday Trifecta.  “Survivor”, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, and “Grey’s Anatomy”, every Thursday, like clockwork.  I could be dead in a ditch, but my plethora of dental fillings would pick up a television signal somewhere and I would still know what was happening on Thursday evening prime time.

In line with my usual watching habits, A3 and I talk during each commercial break of Grey’s.  During one of these ridiculously long breaks, nature called.  I knew A3 would be calling so I made it as quick as I could, and sure enough as I was making my exit, B, came towards me with the phone extended saying, “Oh nevermind, here she is.”  I grab the phone and start lamenting, “Hey, I had to pee sometime…” to which the reply was “Yes, we all do, don’t we?  Hey, is Brother J at home?  blah blah blah wonk wonk…”


“WHO IS THIS?!?!?!”

“Oh, this is the elders…”

And this would be where I start looking for that hole to crawl into so I can die of embarassment.


2 thoughts on “Where Is That Death Hole When I Need It???

  1. Heh! Well, we all know elders pee, and more, since they all take photos of each other on the toilet and paste them in their mission memory books.

    Well, probably not YOUR husband. But mine …

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