One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

I was feeling so Martha Stewart today!  I dropped everyone off at school, I stopped by Target to pick up some foil & plastic wrap, I came home and instead of plopping myself down at the screen, I went into the kitchen and started peeling pears for pear crisp!  I got everything all snug in the oven and then sat down and worked on a project I’ve been doing.  I slid the crisp out of the oven at the appropriate time, and boy was it boiling!  I thought to myself, “I know the butter doesn’t make that much bubbles….” and figured the juices would thicken after cooling down.

Um, no.

It’s like I cooked a crumb topping on top of a jar of sliced peaches.  The juice is everywhere.  Apparently, you can’t just subsitute pears for apples when using the apple crisp recipe!

3 thoughts on “One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

  1. I bet it is DELICIOUS juice! I have never made pear crisp but I do a pear-cranberry cobbler that is to die for … hmmmm, I am craving it now …

  2. Maybe it was because fresh pears don’t like to be cooked like bottled pears do. (I learned that the hard way when trying to make one of the ONLY forms of edible jell-o – I ended up with a great tasting juice). Maybe you could try canned pears…just a thought.

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