I Guess I Should Have Waited

Well, we got news today about the mortage we were going to apply for.  Apparently because the home is pre-HUD (meaning, manufactured before 1976) you are automatically required to have a 15% down payment.  Silly me, I don’t have $11,000 just lying around for that purpose, so there goes that!


4 thoughts on “I Guess I Should Have Waited

  1. Are you going to give up so quickly? You’re creative. If you want the house bad enough, I’m sure you could find a way to get it. If the house is so close to the school, perhaps you could sell the car and take the bus for a while. It might be worth the trade-off.

    One thing I do know: good things don’t come to those who wait; good things come to those who make them happen. Owning a house is a very good thing.

  2. Oh, I’m sorry. I know that’s probably super disappointing! But you know … I think it may just mean that something better is coming for you. Love you dear.

  3. Sorry I am responding so late but I wanted to let you know that you will have the house of your dreams soon. Don’t lose faith! I know that you are trying everything you can to get what you want in life! It sucks we don’t have a good public transportation system here because I would give up the gas prices and the van in a heartbeat ya know?! Not getting this house means that there is one even more beautiful than the last one!

    love you
    heart sandwich

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