Could It Be I’m Not Alone In This Sin?

I thought for sure that everyone would have their panties in a bind about my last post, but since it has been a few days without comments it makes me wonder…. have you all started listening, too?  I won’t tell.  It should also be noted that I stopped, too.  I just was having a difficult time and that’s what popped into my head when I kept thinking how to comfort myself that day.

This past week and a half has been wretched.  I know I’ll sound negative a lot when I talk about it, but don’t worry, I do have good moments.  They are short and far between, but I do have them.

 God is smiling down on me and the boys will be starting back to school in a week from tomorrow.  I probably said it before, but this time together hasn’t been all bad.  It’s a lot better than three months straight that it would have been for the summer.  I know we made the right choice to change schools for them.

BIG NEWS!!!  We’ve found a mobile home that’s just a few blocks from the school and we are actively pursuing it.  We’ve applied at Lending Tree and someone at church today gave me the name of a mortgage company in town that is pretty good.  It’s got 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, comes with all the appliances, is 1368 sq. feet which is a bit bigger than what we have now.  The master bedroom is not much smaller than our current one, and the kids rooms are about the same.  The closet space is smaller in that they’re not very deep, but they’re basically the length of the wall so it all evens out I guess.  Also, there’s no utility closet in the hallway, but there is a full on laundry room!!!  So that will be helpful.  And there’s storage in the bathrooms for towels, so that will help out, too.  It has a GAS stove, which I am so happy about… and it has a small yard!  WITH GRASS!!  And a tree out in front.  Pray we can get a good mortgage and we do take donations!! 

Now for news about the famdamily…

B is doing well in Cub Scouts.  I was recently called to be the den leader.  Before, I might have just started running and never looked back, but it seems like a lot of fun.  I think it helps that it’s not just the boys from our ward, but we’ve combined with two other wards.  He almost has his Wolf and has already earned some arrow points for after he gets his rank finished.

S is as frustrating as ever, but I think I’m coming to understand him better and his needs so I’m making some minor changes that are helping us to get along better.  I’m finding ways to compliment him that mean something to him and it’s getting a good response.

D is full-swing into preschool and loving it!  He loves his teachers and his classmates, and even has a “special friend”.  He enjoys reading with us and playing with the big boys.

That’s about it, or at least all I’ve got the concentration for right now.  I hope everyone is well!


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