No, Not Bi-Costal. Bi-Polar!

“I see…”  Said the blind man as he p*ssed into the wind.  “It’s all coming back to me now!”

That pretty much sums it up!  My mental health chart now says “atypical bi-polar”, and it explains a lot.  It explains why my meds would work for awhile and then not.  It explains my spending habits and the extreme agitation, and it also explains my Norco habit which is clearly not an addiction now.  Not only is it good for pain relief, but also as a way to self-medicate for mood stabilization while you’re figuring out what’s really wrong with you.  Let’s just pray I don’t get the side-effect from the new drug.  Otherwise, it’s onto the lithium express train for me!  Not that there’s anything wrong with lithium, as far as I know.  It just signals to me that I was clearly out golfing or surfing or something when God was passing out the mental health chips.



4 thoughts on “No, Not Bi-Costal. Bi-Polar!

  1. I think the part about it being “atypical” probably makes it a lot harder in general.
    When things aren’t constant for me it is more difficult to figure out a game plan for how to function.
    My thoughts and prayers will be with you…

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