What Up?

Well, not much truthfully.  In fact, it’s more, “what ain’t down?”  I know I’d like to think the reason I haven’t posted much lately is because I’ve been oh-so-busy doing fantastic things like cleaning my home and cooking wholesome meals for my family, but no.  I’ve sort of mentally checked out.  I think it’s going around!

On a more positive note, Shana the Beautiful and I made applesauce the other day.  I need to make more.  Perhaps when I cool down from my heinous Costco trip.

Speaking of which, I was SOOOOO tempted to buy “Eclipse” by Stephanie Meyer because I’ve only been on the waiting list forever at the library and they still haven’t cataloged their copies even though it’s been many moons since it came out; but I knew that the moment I came home and checked my library account that it would be there waiting for me.

In fact, I think I shall go check said library account now….


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