God Bless Capitalism

They have tri-tip roasts on sale at my grocery store this week.  The picture in the ad looks wonderful, but my roasts never turn out that way.  No, they fall apart instead of slicing up nicely.

I asked my butcher how exactly do I get mine to look the appropriate way, and he gave me some very easy instructions.  Now, I’m left with what to season it with.  I could use my Chicago Steak Seasoning, but somehow it just doesn’t seem right.  As I wander down the nonsensical aisles of Pak n’ Save (which is the red-headed stepchild to Safeway) trying to find Tahini that was cheaper and in a smaller quantity than the jar at Raley’s, I stumbled upon what can only be a heavenly-inspired solution to my roast.

CARNE ASADA IN A JAR!  Not dry, but a wet marinade!!!  Somebody out there loves me, and it’s the person that came up with this product.  Now I can die happy.


One thought on “God Bless Capitalism

  1. Oh, that sounds good.

    The way I like to season tri-tip is thusly (just for future reference):

    About a head of garlic, all mashed up
    A whole bunch of black pepper
    Some olive oil to hold it together


    Rub it all over the outside of the meat and let it sit overnight, then cook it all day the next day.

    I think you should post your butcher’s instructions. Maybe after you test them?

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