Ten On Tuesday – 10 Things I Will Never Do Again

  1. Go bar hopping dressed like nuns.  A)  Because nobody will go with me, and B) apparently nuns don’t dress like nuns anymore.
  2. Turn left in front of a lot of traffic when somebody stops and waves me in – because some jerk will zip around the side of them and smash into you and it’s still your fault.
  3. Go to a gay bar with friends to get hit on a straight drunk guy all night. ‘Nuff said?
  4. Buy a vehicle from Folsom Lake Dodge – because they are rat bastards and will rob you blind and steal the shirt off your back while your babies are crying and tired.
  5. Eat Jolly Ranchers – you can thank Shana the Beautiful for that one.
  6. Have a baby – because three’s enough.  Eight, too much.  Just ask Tom Bradford!
  7. Go to Las Vegas at 1:00 in the morning – because I’m not 20 anymore and now that it’s legal it’s no fun!
  8. Forget to put on sunscreen or just not do it because it’s inconvenient – I’m surprised I don’t have skin cancer yet.
  9. Drive to Utah in one day all by myself – because it’s more fun with someone else who can drive while you’re bored to death in Nevada.
  10. Use a recipe in the crock pot that calls for beer as an ingredient – apparently that’s one place where the alcohol stays right there.

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