Whatever Happened To The Stoop?

I had the enviable pleasure recently to sit upon the steps leading to the upstairs apartment to see this (please click on the photo first, otherwise it just looks quite frightening!) :


And it got me to wondering, whatever happened to the stoop?  Here in the west, it’s known as a front porch, but they both provide the same function.  You sit on them, watch the kids play in the front yard, visit with your neighbors, and enjoy a fulfilling evening of enjoying the beauty God has given us.

I think I agree with “The View” co-host, Joy Behar, when she blamed it on the invention of air conditioning.  Before that marvelous invention came along, we all knew our neighbors. 

Don’t get me wrong… I’m the biggest fan of a/c there ever was.  But what about those evenings (and they seem to be plentiful this year) where it’s just nice and balmy, and the sky is on fire?  How come nobody comes out then?


2 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To The Stoop?

  1. I want a stoop, front or back…it doesn’t matter.
    I loved sitting on my grandmother’s front lawn all of my growing up years…and love that people would walk by and wave or stop and visit.
    Lovely picture too…it makes me miss those good ole Arizona sunsets.

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