The Blogging Family

My sister-in-law (although she’s really more like a regular sister) M, has started blogging.  At first I was jealous because I didn’t want her to be better at this than me.  And even though she already is, instead of being upset, I feel happy for her and me.  She’s a fantastic writer, and does an excellent job of putting her thoughts into words.  I’ll share her with you if she lets me, but I don’t know how private she wants it to be.



One thought on “The Blogging Family

  1. Thanks for all your kind words, Sal. I appreciate the phone message you left the other day, too. R is doing “fine” now or at least the doctors can’t pinpoint the problem. They’ve ruled out a lot of things though… When my head’s above water again (aka after I teach Gospel Doctrine on Sunday), I’d love to talk to you more.

    As far as privacy goes, my settings are pretty private. I’ve blocked search engines and such. I can’t imagine that people actually would want to read it anyway but I don’t mind you sharing it with a few people.

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