The Round About Way

I have this laundry list of things that are important to me but I don’t do much about.  Don’t we all?  Sometimes I take steps to accomplish those things, or grow to become more than I am, but for a long time I’ve just been scraping by.

But then somebody says something.  Not to you, per se, but just in the course of a discussion – and all of a sudden something just clicks and doing something on that list isn’t hard, it’s as easy as taking a breath of air.

I heard someone in church last week (or maybe it was the week before?) say how desperate they are for people to come and do work in the Oakland Temple.  For one reason or another, I have just never had it in my head that I need to be doing this work and as often as I possibly can.  But right now, at this time in my life, I CAN! 

My two oldest children are at school all day, and hang out in their daddy’s classroom after.  My youngest will start preschool in two and a half weeks and will only need someone to watch him when he isn’t there.  And now I have a very best friend who is there for me when I need her and will take him to school so I can do it.  There’s a sister in the ward who goes every week and I can ride along with her.

Something that was so impossible for me before is suddenly my new favorite thing to do.  Isn’t it great how Heavenly Father helps you with these things, even if it is in a round about way?


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