Intelligent Design

I’ve been visiting these design websites lately.  I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to stop either.  I love this stuff!  It’s so interesting.  And yet… boy, do I SUCK at it!  Why is that?  C’mon, one of you has got to know.

Also, I need some new stuff to read.  I’ve checked out tons and tons of stuff, but I get a few chapters (if that) into it and find that it needs to be chucked.

And, I need a new source of greeting cards.  Because Hallmark hasn’t had anything new in over a year and Target is a complete letdown as well.  I have plenty of blank notecards which I adore, but sometimes you need something bigger than just a pretty design to perk up someone’s day.

In addition, my pillows were nowhere to be found at Costco yesterday and I’m starting to panic.  I buy new pillows every other month at Costco.  They are perfect and fabulous and come two in a pack for $10.  And I really really need them because my last pillow deflated its cushiness earlier than usual and I just don’t know what will happen if I don’t get new pillows soon!

That’s it today.

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