So, what have you been up to lately?

  • Finding out what “normal” means now that the kids are in school.
  • Trying to decide what to do with my time.  Lots I want to do at home, only I never seem to be home, so I guess I’ll need to change that.
  • De-crapping the house by taking loads of stuff to Goodwill.
  • Getting used to Honey being in charge of the money.
  • Dying of this frickin’ heat!
  • Reading Harry Potter in a record 11.5 hours (with naps & breaks!)

What are you listening to these days?

  • My kids bitch & moan at eachother.  (Do they make child-sized tupperware so I can contain it?)
  • Bon Jovi “Lost Highway”.  FABULOUS.  Also discovering Ari Hest and Jack Johnson.

Food?  What about food?

  • Grapes.  Lots and lots of grapes.  I ran out of my water supply the other day.  The tap water here is… suspect.
  • Red pesto farfalle (that’s bowtie pasta for you non-foodies out there) from Trader Joe’s.
  • I gave up soda over a week ago and now I’m giving up fast food.  Let us never speak of it again.

What have you been reading (besides Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?)

  • Well, I read Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdoch.
  • And Austenland by Shannon Hale.  Who also wrote Goose Girl and its accompanying stories which you should absolutely read if you need to get lost in something.
  • The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton.  Lovely.
  • Now I have to hurry and read The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini because it’s already 3 days overdue and I can’t renew it.
  • I also want to read the latest Mitch Albom book, For One More Day since I bought it the day it came out and still haven’t cracked it open!

What’s ahead for you?

  • Well, I don’t know exactly.  I know what I like to do, but I need some sort of construction to my day.  Which then alerts my extreme aversion to having a day-to-day schedule so I end up doing not much.
  • Baking sweet potato blueberry bread as soon as I go back to the store and get the sweet potatoes I forgot earlier.
  • Making more strawberry jam (a.k.a. Sunshine in a Jar) if my strawberry man is still working his little Filipino heart out.
  • Possibly laundry.  I want to try Maggie’s Soap Nuts butI forgot to see if Trader Joe’s had them and I’m sure not driving all the way to Whole Foods just for that.  They’re snotty there.
  • Making Banana’s Potato Salad.  She invented it for my birthday lunch and it’s holymotheroftastebuds good!

4 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. I just read The Goose Girl this week…I loved it, as I loved Hale’s Princess Academy.
    I think we need to live a little closer to each other Miss Sally. Then we could trade books. And share Sunshine in a Jar and red pesto farfalle.

  2. Your kids are back in school?!? How is that fair??? We still have 3 weeks until school starts! I am dying! And it’s freakin hot and now, totally humid here. I am grouchy and pissy.

    I’m supposed to go to Enrichment tonite. On the one hand, it would get me out of the house sans kids, on the other hand…bleh.

    Is there such a thing as non bitchy-perky pills?? If so, that’s what I need.

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